Getting a Quote from a Paving Contractor? Learn What Factors to Consider

6 April 2016
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If you are preparing to pave a road, walkway, or driveway, you should get quotes from a few different companies. This will help you find a reasonably priced company. However, it can be hard to compare the quotes if you aren't familiar with the paving process. Here are three factors you should consider as you look over the quotes from paving contractors.

Does the Quote Includes Prep Work?

When you contact a paving contractor, it is important that you ask questions. Figuring out what is covered by the quote that was provided is important because the costs could add up quickly if certain tasks are not included in the original estimate. One of the items that can increase costs is prep work. Ask the contractor if the quote includes removing any old surfaces you may have in place and flattening the space. Removing an old surface is time consuming and laborious, and flattening may include the use of filler dirt and sand, which also cost money. If you don't want surprises, make sure you know whether prep work is included in the quote.  

Which Asphalt Mixture Do They Use?

Asphalt is made from different mixtures of gravel, sand, and water. When getting a quote, ask what mixture the company plans on using and why. There are pros and cons to different mixtures, including how well it drains water, how long it lasts, and how much weight it can support. However, another one of the pros and cons to different types is the cost. Because of this, always ask a professional what type or grade of asphalt mixture they are quoting for and what the benefits are to that material. You may find that they are using a high-grade asphalt that supports the weight of industrial trucks on a walkway path or you may find that they plan on using a low-grade surface on a highly traveled road. Regardless, learning what mixture they plan on using will help you ensure it is the right mixture for your price and that you are paying a fair price for that mixture. 

Does the Quote Include Sealcoating?

Another key factor to look at in a paving contractor quote is whether the coat includes sealcoating or not. Sealcoating is a must, as it protects the asphalt against water seeping through it. If you do not have the asphalt sea coated, then you are likely to have issues relatively fast because cracks and buckles may appear in the asphalt due to water. If this occurs then it will be your responsibility to have it fixed. Not every company will seal asphalt as part of the installation process. Always ask if the company you are getting a quote from does and how much it will cost to sealcoat the asphalt once it is installed. 

How Long It Will Take to Complete the Project?

The last factor to consider when getting a quote is when the contractor can start and finish the project. Some contractors are ready to begin the project right away, while others may be booked out for weeks. Some contractors work with one or two people, while others have larger crews that allow them to get the job done faster. If you are looking to have your project done quickly, this is a question you will want to be sure to ask when you get quotes from a paving contractor. 

Getting quotes from different asphalt paving contractors can be time consuming. However, it allows you to find the right contractor for your job. As you compare the quotes, you want to make sure you are comparing the entire costs of the project. Ask a contractor if the quote includes prep work and seal coating. Also, be sure to ask what mix type of asphalt they plan on using and ensure it lines up with what you need. Lastly, ask how long it will take them to complete the project. All of these factors will help you find the right asphalt contractor for your job. To get started in your search for a contractor, speak with a representative from a company like Bill Mariotti Site Development Co Inc.