3 Easy Ways To Modernize Your Bathroom With Concrete

6 March 2017
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Your bathroom needs a good makeover and you are ready to reach in there and pull out all those old features to give the room a more modern look. Before you go off in search of tile, counters, and other bathroom necessities at the local home improvement store, there are a few good reasons why you might want to talk to the concrete contractor first. The fact is, concrete is so much more than a boring gray material you can use for patios and sidewalks. This stuff is making its way into almost every room in the house, including the bathroom. Check out these three easy ways to modernize your bathroom with concrete. 

Consider implementing concrete around the tub or shower area. 

There is a new player in shower and tub surrounds in the home bathroom–even though concrete has been used in commercial settings for this purpose for years. Concrete, when finished and treated properly, is highly resilient to moisture, which makes it ideal for use in high-moisture areas. Plus, the concrete can be stamped to look like tile or stone and even tinted an array of colors to coincide with your personal design ideas. 

Talk to a contractor about concrete countertops. 

Imagine a bathroom countertop that is resistant to moisture, heat, and stains. When you opt for a concrete countertop in your bathroom, this is exactly what you get. Concrete countertops are frequently implemented in kitchen areas, but the same advantages that make this a desirable trait in the kitchen work for the bath just the same. If you want to add a little flair to this interior design fixture, you can even have the concrete infiltrated with delicate bits of shiny quartz or glass. 

Think about adding concrete floors in the bathroom. 

There are limited choices of appropriate flooring types in the bathroom because of all the water that is used in the space. However, you don't have to stick with tile or vinyl. Concrete offers a clean, smooth finish that stands up well to water and also offers a textured surface to prevent slips and falls. The best part is, if you have an open-concept shower with frameless shower doors, the concrete flooring can go seamlessly from the bathroom floor into the shower. 

Concrete may have once been boring and mundane, but now if it is not at least considered in a bathroom remodel project, you could be missing out. Check with a local concrete contractor such as Velarde Builders Inc. to find out how concrete could completely change your bathroom to a more modern space.