3 Reasons Why Precast Concrete Is The Perfect Material For Your Residential Building Project

7 March 2017
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Precast concrete has been a highly popular material in commercial and industrial construction for many decades. However, in recent years it has also become an increasingly popular choice for use in residential construction as well. The main attraction of precast concrete for residential building is the way that it reduces construction duration and the cost of on-site labor. Here are three more reasons why precast concrete is rapidly becoming a mainstay of the residential building industry.

1. It's strong and durable

Precast concrete is an incredibly tough and long-lasting material, especially if it's reinforced with steel during the manufacturing process. It removes the need for the time-consuming, labor intensive, and costly support structures needed for walls and roofs that traditional building materials require.

2. It's a sustainable material

While concrete may not seem particularly environmentally friendly, it's actually an incredibly important material for sustainable building design. Because it's so durable, it won't need replacing for many decades and requires no ongoing resources which drain the environment.

Concrete also provides a home with a large area of thermal mass. This means that is excellent at deflecting exterior heat and cold, reducing your home's need for cooling and heating. It also stores internal heat during the colder months, keeping your home warm through even the coldest winter.

3. It's versatile and attractive

Attractive may not be the first word which springs to mind when you think about concrete. However, modern manufacturing processes can create a work of art out of your precast concrete home. The use of concrete stamps, colored additives, and exposed aggregate in the concrete mix can provide you with finishes that mimic the look of stone, bricks, or something that's entirely unique to your home.

Also, there is virtually no limit to the different shapes that precast concrete can be made into. This means you can get really creative with the style of your home and achieve a high specification design with eye-catching architectural features. It can also allow for long window and roof spans that won't need extra support from steel or timber beams.

If you're considering using precast concrete for your residential building project, then contact a manufacturer in your local area. They can discuss the range of pre-made products that they have in stock and also advise you on how to order custom made precast concrete panels that can be designed to fit your exact specifications.