Key Elements For Your New Patio

2 May 2017
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A patio serves as the hub of your outdoor living, therefore a new patio shouldn't be an afterthought. While you might not put quite as much planning into a new patio as you might the layout of your house, you still want to take care in designing your new patio – or even a major patio overhaul. Design a patio that best complements your outdoor lifestyle as well as your home.

Attractive Concrete Foundation

You have many options for your patio flooring, but concrete is an excellent choice. Concrete is a highly durable material that requires little maintenance. What's more you can have it poured into any shape – which is ideal when you're planning a patio around its function.

You can also have the concrete customized with stamping, staining and dying. Contractors can make concrete flooring resemble an expensive material, such as natural stone, or its own unique design with bold colors and even LED lighting. Look at the façade of your home as inspiration for the concrete patio flooring.

Lounge Space

A major activity homeowners enjoy on a patio isn't an activity at all – it's lounging. Consider how you want to relax outdoors, and design a space for that specifically. For instance, if you want to escape from the world, create a niche with screening and a waterfall to mask intrusive sounds. If you fancy intimate gatherings, perhaps a simple corner with built-in seating and mood lighting is a better option.

Outdoor Kitchen

The other big activity homeowners enjoy outside revolves around food – cooking and eating it. Whether you have a designated dining area or keep it casual depends on your outdoor eating style. However, you'll want to design your outdoor kitchen to accommodate your food preparation. First of all, locate it near the house doorway to facilitate carrying food. Make sure you have adequate work space and some storage for weatherproof utensils. You may want to get elaborate with a pizza oven or a smoker, or you may keep it simple with a grill. Be honest with yourself about how much cooking you'll do al fresco before investing in appliances.

Transitional Landscaping

The most attractive patios serve as a transitional space between the house and the yard. Your concrete flooring will help complement your house's façade. Include transitional landscaping for the other end. For instance, plant trees or shrubs near the edge to provide shade and privacy. Add a container garden on the patio that includes plants or colors from your yard landscaping. You can also use planting beds to accentuate the edge of your patio.

Make your patio the foundation of your outdoor living with a well-planned, beautiful design. For more information, talk to a professional like S&W Concrete.