Fixing Asphalt Paving

29 August 2017
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Asphalt is a very good material to put down for pavement. Whether you are working with a driveway or a parking lot it is important that it is laid properly and maintained. If it is treated right, asphalt will last for a very long time. However, no matter how well you take care of the asphalt, it will start to deteriorate. When this starts to occur, there are ways that you can extend the life with driveway and parking lot repair. Here are just a few of the best ways that you can fix your asphalt on your own.


If you are dealing with a lot of cracks in your asphalt, it is possible that you are dealing with ground that is starting to slump. If water gets into the crack and freezes, it may spread the crack and cause further deterioration. The good news is there is a great way to work with the cracks in your asphalt. Most home improvement stores will have a polymer asphalt crack sealant. You will mix the polymer and apply it to the cracks. The polymer will effectively seal the asphalt crack so the elements do not get into the crack. The sealant can also stop the cracks from spreading as quickly.


A pothole can be brutal on your vehicle's tires, suspension, and body. A pothole in asphalt needs to be fixed as soon as possible. At the home improvement store you will find asphalt pothole repair kits. It is important to read the instructions on the back of the repair kit even if you have used one before. The different brands will have different chemicals and can behave differently. Some repair kits start to harden almost immediately, while other take a little while to actually harden.


There are various sealants that you can put on your asphalt that will extend the life of the pavement, but when it starts to decay, you can actually use the asphalt as a base for the next layer that you lay down. If the asphalt is extremely cracked and broken, it may just be better to re-surface your asphalt. The contractor will mix asphalt that is more fluid, so it will have a little bit more tar and bitumen in the mixture. The fluid is able to run through the cracks of the current asphalt and fill the gaps. Re-surfacing your current asphalt is a great way to extend the life of your asphalt.