A Guide To Concrete Polishing

27 February 2018
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Concrete can be polished to make it smoother, shinier, and more water resistant. You can basically make concrete look fancier and feel much smoother. In fact, it is currently very popular for homeowners to remove their current floor to expose the original concrete foundation. Then, the concrete can be polished to create a surface that is comfortable in an indoor setting. This is also very popular in residential garages. This is a project that some homeowners will even do on their own. This article explains how to polish concrete surfaces to breathe new life into your floor.

DIY or Professional Polishing

There are two ways that you can handle the project. You can either hire a pro to handle the project, or you can do the work yourself. If you want to make it a DIY project, you will need to rent a polisher. You probably don't need to buy such an expensive tool unless you plan on polishing concrete professionally. If you are going to rent a polishing system, you will probably need it for a couple of days. But, don't start your rental until you have removed you current flooring product and the surface is completely ready for the polishing to begin. Since you will probably be paying a day rate, you don't want to waste money.

Handling the Labor

You also need to figure out if you can actually handle the physical work. Electric polishers are heavy duty machines. They can be hard to handle. Not only do you need hold the weight of the polisher, you also need to forcefully scrub your floor as the machine is powered on. This requires a lot of strength, so it might not be possible for many. Many people are happy to leave the work to the pros. The project is not going to be very difficult or time consuming, so it might be worth letting professionals handle the work so they don't need to worry about the project.

Getting the Best Finish

When it comes to polishing your concrete, you might not want to go with the absolute smoothest finish. The smoother the polish, the shinier the surface will be. Many people don't like having such shiny floors, especially indoors. The light can be annoying as it reflects off of your floor.

Polished concrete floors are a unique and fun way to take an old slab of concrete and make it more stylish and usable. For more information, contact a company like Clean Force Concrete Corp..