Three Interesting Uses For Concrete Slab Sawing Services

29 July 2019
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Concrete slab sawing services are fairly cut and dry—literally. There are some times when a little water helps the saw get through especially thick concrete without burning up, but for the most part, the saws cut right through dry slabs of concrete. What is more interesting than all that are some of the uses of slab sawing. Here are some of the more interesting examples to give you some ideas that you can use for any concrete project you have.

One Large Slab Cut into Multiple Smaller Slabs

Want to cheat at creating a cobblestone road? Instead of cobbled stone, you can take a massive concrete slab, cut it down into "cobbled stone" with a slab saw, and then lay the "stones" in an aesthetically pleasing configuration on your driveway. If you color or dye the concrete different colors, or cut "cobbled stone" from slabs of different colors, you get a very pretty effect indeed. 

One Massive Slab Cut to Fit One Area

You may not know this, but concrete can be poured into any shape and size. It is often easier to make one massive slab and then cut it to fit an area rather than pour the slab in situ. The slab is already hardened and cured, which means that you can drive onto it or walk onto it right after it has been installed. You never have to wait for this slab to set. Additionally, as one continuous slab, you can also build over the top of it. Ergo, if you want a large slab ordered, then cut to fit, you can use it for a driveway, or you can use it for a slab foundation for a garage, barn, shed, or outdoor workshop. 

Turning Slabs into Walls

A lot of concrete walls are actually slabs. Most of them are poured and formed vertically, but this is a long and tedious process. If cut and fitted properly, then fasted in place, you could use a contractor's slab saw services to create instant concrete walls. He or she would cut slabs of a specific size, and then use a crane to lift them into position. Trenches dug to hold the walls in place until they can be fastened at the corners are prepped before the walls are ever cut to fit. It is the fastest means of creating a completely concrete structure without ever pouring a drop of concrete mix. 

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