5 Signs Your Foundation May Need Repairs

26 February 2020
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Your home's foundation provides its strength and structural integrity. If your foundation falls into disrepair, it exposes all of the members of your household to safety risks. Many homeowners do not think to include regular foundation maintenance and repair on their to-do lists, because it is so easy to take your sound foundation for granted. Because your home's foundation plays an integral part in the safety of your home, it is important to contract the services of foundation specialists to address any concerns you may have about it.

Here are five signs that your foundation may need repair.

1. Issues with doors

Doors that don't open and close properly and that stick in the jamb may be indicative of a foundation issue. You may find that you have to exert a lot of force to open and close exterior doors. This may be attributable to the threshold of the door becoming uneven.

2. Sagging or sloping floors

If your house's foundation is no longer level, then you may notice that your floors have started to sag or slope. The affected areas of the floor may also squeak when you walk across them or otherwise put pressure on them. Sagging floors are unsafe for anyone who may walk across them because they can become tripping hazards.

3. Gaps between windows and exterior doors

Gapping between windows and exterior doors are indicative of foundation problems. This type of issue is usually caused by your foundation settling. As the foundation moves in a downward direction, it becomes more unsound and unable to support the weight of your home's structure.

4. Cracks in walls and floors

Cracks and fractures in your walls and floors can signify different kinds of issues with your foundation. Small cracks can be normal in structures, especially if they are made of materials such as bricks. However, as your foundation moves more and more, these cracks can grow. The larger the crack or fissure, the more likely you have a larger and more costly foundation issue at hand.

5. Leaning chimney

If your home has a chimney, pay close attention. If it starts to lean or separate from your house, then you will need to contact a foundation repair specialist right away. In most houses, the chimney shares a foundation with the rest of the structure because it is installed at the same time the house is built.

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