Concrete Preparation And Planning Insight For Your Next Mixed Concrete Yard Project

13 October 2020
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With a concrete project, you want the concrete to have the right consistency throughout the entire job. So when you are installing a large concrete project in your yard, ordering it through a premixed concrete supplier is a great way to ensure uniformity in the mix with the needed additives and professional management of the task. Here are some recommendations for you to use as you make arrangements for your concrete delivery and installation on your property.

Prepare Your Pour Site

The concrete pour site is something you want to have it completely ready before the concrete's delivery date. This preparation includes having the soil leveled off and supplemented with good drainage material that you have compacted into place. Depending on the condition of your soil, whether it is loamy or sandy, you may need to supplement it with a layer of crushed gravel for stability. Set the forms in place at the appropriate height for the concrete slab's thickness and any reinforcement within the slab you will need, such as wire mesh or rebar.

Arrange for Delivery to Site

The location of your concrete pour project can be in a variety of areas on your property and in all types of terrain. If you are ordering your concrete to be ready for pouring, you will need to consider the size of the concrete truck and its ability to get into your pour site to deliver the concrete directly into the area. You will need to look at the soil slope leading up to the pour site and if a large concrete truck can drive upon it without risking its stability. And you should also look at the size of the pour site and if the concrete truck will be able to reach to deliver the concrete directly onto all areas. 

If you have questions about the ability of your concrete delivery truck to get directly up to the installation site, contact them, and discuss your options and the landscape for the project. They will let you know the amount of space that the truck needs to access the area and the slope grade. You may need to plan to use wheelbarrows to transport the concrete from the truck and into the pour site if the truck cannot make it.

On the day of the delivery, if the soil is wet from recent rainstorms of other wet weather, the concrete truck may not be able to drive over the site. The weight of the truck can cause it to sink into the soil and become stuck. So, this can be a factor on delivery day and you will need to adjust your delivery plans to include wheelbarrow transport from the truck to the site.

For more information about mixed concrete services, contact a local concrete contractor, like R. Pepin & Sons Inc.