Procuring Asphalt Sealcoating Services For Pavement Repairs

30 July 2021
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There are numerous reasons why commercial building owners must take proper care of their driveways and pavements. First, they are the first point of a customer's interaction with the premise. Moreover, business owners have a legal requirement to ensure the commercial space is safe for employers and customers. Poorly maintained pavements and driveways have cracks and potholes, posing safety hazards. Thus, business owners should consider paving solutions such as asphalt sealcoating to ensure legal compliance, avoid unnecessary expenses, and improve the premise's curb appeal. A comprehensive review of the benefits associated with asphalt sealcoating is provided below:

Improved Skid-Resistance Reduces Accidents

A major decision point in selecting asphalt sealcoating in pavement repairs is its ability to enhance skid resistance. Skid resistance is important because it reduces falls and accidents. Asphalt sealcoating improves skid resistance by replenishing the worn-out pavement sand. The coating used contains boiler slag or sand, which mixes with the fine sand to produce a rough surface with friction. Vehicles may fail to brake to a halt on such slippery surfaces, posing hazards within the premise. Moreover, shoe threads do not hold on slippery surfaces, predisposing people to falls. Accidents within your business premise may lead to compensation claims, imparting negative financial and public image repercussions. Thus, business owners must be proactive and avoid exposure to legal liability by procuring asphalt sealcoating services for all driveways and pavements within the premise. 

Reduce Oxidation Which Determines Durability

Another important reason why business owners should consider asphalt sealcoating for their pavements is to reduce oxidation. While one cannot completely prevent oxidation, one can reduce the effects and rate of oxidation, prolonging a pavement's lifespan. Oxidation brittles pavement and driveway surfaces because it eats away at the asphalt binder. Thus, concrete contractors use asphalt sealcoating to protect the asphalt binder from direct exposure to ultraviolet rays and air, which cause oxidation. Depending on how much traffic a business handles, asphalt sealcoating may also improve driveways' and pavements' durability. 

Improved Flexibility to Accommodate Heavy Loads

Asphalt pavements are more flexible than rigid concrete pavements. The flexibility makes asphalt surfaces ideal for driveways and pavements because they last long and handle light and heavy vehicles alike. An asphalt pavement stretches when a car or truck passes over to accommodate the weight and prevent cracks. However, as time passes and the pavement wears and tears, the asphalt binder aiding the pavement's flexibility wears thin, weakening it. Asphalt sealcoating replenishes the binder, enhances the pavements' flexibility, and reduces brittleness, allowing the pavement to accommodate huge loads. Thus, owners seeking durable driveways and pavements should hire contractors for professional asphalt sealcoating.