5 Reasons Why Concrete May Be Ideal For Your Driveway

25 July 2022
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There are a couple of options when it comes to driveway paving, but for most people, the decision is between asphalt and concrete. There are a few reasons why concrete can be the better option, so read on to see if it is the right choice for your drive.

1. Hot Temperatures

Asphalt may work great in mild climates, but it can be a nightmare if you get a lot of summer heat. Asphalt softens when it heats up, but concrete does not. In areas where heat is the normal rule for summer, concrete is the best option. Its light surface also has a high albedo, or light reflectivity factor, that helps keep the area around your home feeling cooler when compared to the heat sink created by dark asphalt. 

2. Heavy Use

Does your driveway see a lot of traffic? Whether it's the coming and going of various work vehicles or simply the presence of heavier vehicles like larger trucks and recreational vehicles, you need paving that can withstand heavy use. Asphalt can develop ruts and low areas from heavier vehicles or lots of traffic. Concrete never develops ruts or low spots, even if a heavy piece of equipment is left parked in the same place for months at a time.

3. Dual Purposes

For many families, a driveway serves more than one purpose. It may be the driveway you use to access your garage, but it also might double as a patio area, basketball court, or children's play yard. Concrete is durable enough to stand up to all of these uses. Its light color, especially when compared to asphalt, isn't as hot and uncomfortable so it's suitable for more than just parking on.

4. Steep Access

Steep driveways can be a challenge, both to pave and to use. Concrete forms can be custom built to fit any type of driveway, and the addition of expansion joints ensures that the concrete won't slide or crack due to the slope. Further, concrete can be textured for additional traction — which is a major benefit in wet and icy weather when one is driving or walking on a steep driveway.

5. Design Flexibility

For those with specific design desires, concrete is the most versatile paving option. Concrete can be dyed in any color, or combination of colors, you can dream of. Further, it can be stamped with designs or poured into molds so it resembles bricks, cobbles, or flagstones. Aggregates can be added for texturing and color designs, or the surface can be "combed" with a variety of textures.

Contact a concrete driveway installation contractor to find out all the options available for your new paving project.