Crucial Things To Know About Asphalt Paving Repair

29 September 2022
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Asphalt is one of the cost-effective, easily manageable, and long-lasting paving materials. Its universal application makes it possible to use on different compounds, regardless of the house's design. However, it's possible for asphalt to break due to extreme weather conditions, poor maintenance, or natural crises like a hurricane or severe storms. This article looks at signs of asphalt damage, repair options, and why you should hire an expert to handle the repair work. 

Signs of Asphalt Damage and Repair Options

Asphalt shows many signs of degradation requiring immediate repair work, the most common being edge cracks, reflective cracks, potholes, and alligatoring. Edge cracks result from improper paving support, poor installation, and aging. The cracks could escalate and weaken the entire structure if you don't take immediate repair action. Asphalt patching is often the best repair option for this kind of asphalt damage. Reflective cracks appear due to age, excess use, harsh climate, and exceeding vehicle loading weight. The cracks deepen if you keep using the area without repairing it. Asphalt crack filling is the best way of dealing with this problem, and you should do so as soon as possible to reduce the repair cost.

Potholes are ugly and make your pavement appear worn out and unattractive. They make it hard to drive on such surfaces. Potholes are also a health risk, and it's easy to trip in them and get injured while walking on the pavement. Asphalt patching works wonders in concealing and filling potholes, and it's one of the cost-effective asphalt repair methods. Alligatoring is the name given to a damaged asphalt surface that resembles the alligator's back. The tiny cracks on the surface result from poor asphalt installation or lack of proper foundation support to hold the asphalt together. Inadequate pavement thickness is another contributing factor to alligatoring damage. 

Why Hire a Professional for Damaged Asphalt Paving Repair

Asphalt paving repair companies have the tools and equipment to handle the repair work, like pothole tampers, blowers, crevices, and crack cleaners. These tools ensure quality and professional repair work. Outsourcing the repair work also saves you the headache of figuring out technical details, such as the amount of bitumen to mix. The repair work is complicated, especially if you're not an expert civil engineer. Lastly, hiring a repair company saves you money since you don't have to hire or buy equipment but only pay for the repair service. 


Asphalt repair is an exhausting project that requires expert skill sets, time, and money. Outsourcing the project is the best way to ensure you receive professional and reliable repair services. Contact a repair company if you need help with broken asphalt paving repair services. 

For more information about damaged asphalt paving repair, contact a local company.