2 Benefits Of Hiring A Concrete Pumping Service For Your Next Construction Job

28 November 2022
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After planning out a construction job that is coming up, you may have realized that the project will require a lot of concrete. Between the foundation and pillars, you may be having trouble working out the logistics of having your workers mix and deliver the cement to its required locations.

As an alternative to the current methods that you use to pour cement, you should consider hiring a concrete pumping service instead. There are a couple of benefits to having the concrete pumped by a professional service instead of hand-mixing the cement and delivering it by hand in wheelbarrows. 

1. Releases Your Workers to Perform Other Jobs Instead of Mixing and Delivering Cement

One benefit of using concrete pumping on your construction site is that doing so releases your regular employees to perform other tasks for the project. Especially for larger structures such as the building's foundation, it requires a lot of manpower and time to mix the cement and have multiple employees hand-deliver it.

This task can also be difficult if the terrain is rough, increasing the time and the risk of having one of the workers hurt themselves delivering the cement to a difficult-to-reach location. With concrete pumping, they provide the manpower, and the machine's hoses deliver the concrete directly to where it needs to go.

2. Ensures the Results Are More Consistent Compared to Hand-pouring Cement

Another benefit of having the concrete pumped instead of hand-pouring it is that it ensures that the results of the finished product are consistent. When the cement is mixed and poured in smaller batches, there is a chance that one batch may be too wet and another too dry. This makes for uneven results that can weaken the structures once the cement dries.

However, with concrete pumping, the cement is created and poured in larger batches, and the machine ensures that the mixture is uniform. This uniformity helps to ensure that the dried concrete will be stronger throughout.

If you have a large construction project coming up, having the cement pumped to the building site will release your workers to do other parts of the job. It will also ensure more consistent results compared to mixing and pouring the concrete by hand. To learn more about the benefits, as well as to find out more about the process, contact a concrete pumping service in your area to speak with a representative.