Stay Safe While Cutting Concrete With These 6 Tips

23 March 2017
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If you have some old concrete that you need to remove before you lay down new concrete, safety should be your top priority.

#1 Cover Your Body

The most important tip to keep in mind is that you should always protect yourself first when cutting and removing concrete. Cutting concrete can be a dangerous task if you don't correctly protect yourself.

To start with, you want to wear clothing that cover your entire body so that no skin is exposed.

Make sure that you protect your feet as well with some construction or hiking boots that will protect your feet if some concrete falls on them.

#2 Protect Your Eyes

Second, you need to wear protective googles, preferablely the kind that connect with your face and completely prevent anything from getting into your eyes via the side of your face. When you cut and break concrete, little tiny pieces of concrete can fly all around, and those pieces can fly fast. You don't want to cut your cornea or damage your eye just because you were trying to save a few dollars on a demolition job.

#3 Don't Breathe In Dust

When you cut into concrete, you can create a very fine dust. This dust is so fine that you can easily breath it in via your mouth and nose, and this dust can settle on your lungs. You don't need concrete dust inside of your lungs.

You need to wear a full-face mask when you cut concrete, not just a simple dust mask. A full-face mask will protect your face and nose from the fine concrete. It will also filter the air that you breathe and ensure that none of that fine dust sneaks into your lungs. You can invest in an affordable full-face mask from your local hardware store for the job.

#4 Cover Up Your Ears

Using a saw to cut through concrete is not a quiet job. It is going to take a while to cut through and break up all the concrete, and it is going to create a lot of noise. Be sure to wear some ear plugs or a headset. This will help protect your hearing and it will help keep dust out of your ears as well.

#5 Get A Helmet

As concrete chunks that are larger may go flying, you are going to want to make sure that your head is protected as well as your body. It is a good idea to wear a hard hat when you are cutting and breaking up concrete, to ensure that the most valuable part of your body is not damaged.

#6 Wear Thick Gloves

Finally, make sure that you wear thick gloves. Concrete can be sharp, and you don't want to wear thin gloves that could easily be cut. Purchase some heavy duty construction style gloves to keep your hands safe while you work.

Once you have all the right equipment outlined above, you are really ready to take on the job of cutting up and breaking that old concrete to make way for a new look.

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