Tips to Order and Handle Your Concrete Yard Project Well

17 December 2020
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A concrete surface provides your property with a durable material that lasts many years and improves the area, but you need to make sure you start the installation process off right with the right measurements. Here are some recommendations and tips to help you order the proper amounts and type of concrete as well as use a mixing method that works well for you.

Order the Right Concrete

When you are ready to order and purchase the concrete for your project, you need to be sure and order the proper amount for your project but also the type of concrete that will work best. Let your concrete supplier know the type of project you need the order for and they can tailor it to the right strength. For example, if you are pouring an RV parking pad, you would need additives to increase its strength. But if you are pouring a concrete walkway you would find ordering regular strength concrete.

To order the right amount you need to measure the dimensions of your project site and convert it into a yardage measurement because a ready mix concrete order from a local supplier will come to you in yardage, such as two or four yards of concrete mixture. The amount that you order needs to be correct but with slightly more than your estimate so you ensure it is a sufficient amount. You don't want to run out of concrete ready mix when you still have an area to pour within your patio forms, for example. It is better to have a bit too much concrete than not enough. 

If you have to quickly try to reorder a second batch to fill in the remaining area within your concrete forms, this will create a problem with your concrete slab. The slab will have two areas of concrete from two different mixes that are not fully connected because one was poured several hours or one full day before the second. And if you are mixing the concrete yourself in a portable mixer, you run the risk of not mixing the second batch the same as the first and your two sections will not have the same strength.

Choose a Mixing Method

When you decide to handle your own concrete preparation for a smaller project, there are several methods you can use to combine and mix the concrete. You may make this choice based on the amount of concrete you need and the tools you have available to you. For example, you can mix up single concrete bags in your wheelbarrow and a shovel or a bucket and a mixing paddle for a smaller project, such as installing fence posts. But for a larger project where you will need to mix up more than one bag of concrete at a time, a portable concrete mixer is a better option. 

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