Ways To Improve Your Concrete Cutting Operations

17 December 2020
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If your operations involve the cutting of concrete, you want to be very specific about how this cutting takes place. That is the best recipe for fewer issues and accidents. These tips in particular can help improve your concrete cutting operations in no time.

Be Careful About Which Saw is Used

Saws are used to cut into concrete, but which saw you go with will vary if your cutting operations change. Certain saws work best for certain cutting techniques and concrete thicknesses, for example.

If you need to cut deep into concrete, then a walk-behind saw is a tool that can deliver a lot of power and thus make the cutting involved go much more smoothly than just a hand-held saw. Whereas if your concrete projects are smaller and don't require as much cutting depth, a portable concrete saw can perform the job just fine.

Take Care of Blades

Whatever concrete cutting saws you end up using around a work site, taking care of the blades is paramount. If you neglected this care, your blades probably won't last that long and you could also put yourself in jeopardy of a cutting accident.

Cleaning your blades on a regular basis is a good way to keep them in great condition after every cut. You also want to check the belt tension periodically so that you're not putting excessive pressure on blades each time concrete cutting saws are used. These steps may look basic, but they really do make a difference. 

Let the Saw Do the Work

Sometimes, operators of concrete saws get in such a hurry that they try to force the blade through the concrete section being worked on. This is an easy way to damage the blade and also get inconsistent cutting results.

The best thing you can do while a concrete saw is running is let it do the work. You'll be there to guide it along the right areas, but you don't want to force anything.

Make sure the pressure applied is just enough to move the saw gradually forward. These simple actions can help you get high-quality cuts more often times than not.

You'll find all kinds of best practices for using concrete cutting saws around work sites. If you take time to learn as many as you can, you can use this knowledge in real time and have an easier cutting process to look forward to.