What To Do When Your Foundation Starts Leaking Or You Notice Damage

23 February 2023
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The concrete foundation supporting your home will stand up to a lot, but water infiltration can cause severe damage over years of exposure and make foundation repair necessary. Often damage will appear as cracks in the concrete or water seeping through the walls. If you see either, a foundation inspection is essential.  

Cracks And Damage

A crack in your home's foundation can be a signal that the soil has shifted under the home and is no longer supporting the house's foundation properly. Often the first signs of foundation shifts are cracks in the drywall inside the house, doors that begin to stick, windows that don't open and close properly, or sections of the floor that appear to be off-kilter. 

Most foundation damage is repairable, but the cause of the issue needs to be found so the foundation repair contractor can determine the best way to resolve the problem. Exposing the foundation by excavating around it and inspecting any damage will allow the contractor to see how far the cracks travel and assess the condition of the material under the foundation footing.

The foundation should also be checked inside the home, so if there is a basement, the contractor will need access to that. If the home has a crawl space under it, the foundation repair contractor can access the damage from there.

Repairing The Foundation

Foundation repairs often involve adding concrete to cracks to reinforce the structure and block water from getting in. Severe damage, however, may require the contractor to replace some or all of the foundation to ensure it can still support the home. 

If foundation replacement is necessary, the contractor will need to support the house on jacks and timbers so they can remove the concrete or block the foundation without damaging the structure. The process is tedious because each movement of the jacks can cause the house to twist and bend, so the contractor and their crew will need to work slowly.

Once the new foundation is in place, the house will be lowered onto it and secured through the sills. The job may take several weeks because the old foundation must be broken up and removed, a new base of soil, gravel, and other materials constructed, and a new concrete footing poured to set the foundation on. 

If the foundation repair contractor is pouring a concrete foundation, it can be part of the footing. However, if the foundation is made from cinder blocks, the contractor will have to build it once the concrete is in place and cured. Often this is an ideal time to add drainage around the foundation to ensure water can not damage the new structure, and when the work is complete, the things in the house, like doors and windows, should work correctly again.  

Contact a local foundation repair service to learn more.